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Meet Our Experts

This page is now open and ready to invite experts to join our network! We are excited to work with a group of knowledgeable, professional individuals who will possess invaluable skill sets; and we will be sharing them with you! We will introduce them below and help you discover how they can work with you as well!  Take a look at our forum, which will be run by our team of experts. Keep in mind, we're partnering with new, dynamic people all of the time. 

Check back again, to see who is NEW!


Anita Gibson

Anita Gibson is the founder of National Homeschool Advocacy an author, speaker and educational strategist. She develops academic success strategies for students and organizations, including educational programs, training sessions and academic support. (Read More...)

Belinda Bullard.jpeg

Belinda Bullard

Belinda Bullard is a continual work in progress who also happens to be, with much grace from God, married to her best friend for 30 years. She is a mother and former home educator of three children...(Read More)

cheryl carter.jpg

Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter is the lead instructor of Collegiate Learning. Carter is endearingly known as the Writing Coach, for the way she methodically targets the stop-blocks that prohibit her clients from moving them ahead in completing their writing projects...(Read More...)

Karim Morato.jpg

Karim Morato

Karim Morato is passionate about helping homeschool parents educate bilingual children. Children and teens learn to speak Spanish and fall in love with the culture through her online Spanish program. (Read More...)


Rochelle Somerville

Dr. Rochelle Matthews-Somerville is the President and CEO of EFM Educational Consultants and has been homeschooling, with her husband, Nate, their 6, uniquely designed children for nearly 15 years. (Read More...)

Cheryl Fields-Smith.JPG

Cheryl Fields-Smith

Prior to earning her doctorate from Emory University in 2004, Dr. Fields-Smith served as an elementary school teacher in Bridgeport, Stamford, and Norwalk, Connecticut. During her tenure as a teacher...(Read More)



Vicki Tillman is an experienced homeschooling parent and the advisor of the 7Sisters website. She is a speaker, blogger, podcaster and more! She has created dynamic curriculum on many topics...(Read More) 

brian ray.jpg

Brian Ray

Brian D. Ray is president of the National Home Education Research Institute ( and internationally known for his research on homeschooling (home education). 

(Read More...)

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